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The Detail Methods Of Household Gas Alarm installation

Should be avoided in the following locations
a place with a high wind flow rate such as a channel; a place with water mist or dripping; a place near the stove that is easily contaminated by oil smoke, steam, or a high temperature environment (such as directly above the stove); a place that is blocked by other objects (such as a cabinet) .
Select location
Installed on an indoor wall within 4 meters from the gas appliance or gas source, 2 meters away from the gas source; according to the type of gas detected, select the upper and lower position of the installation: liquefied petroleum gas (P): within 0.3 meters from the ground. Artificial gas (C), natural gas (N): within 0.3 m from the ceiling.
installation method
In the selected wall position, the two mounting holes on the random mounting plate should be marked with holes (the hooks on the board should be horizontally facing upwards); the mounting holes should be placed, the rubber plugs should be installed randomly, and then randomly Tighten the screws to fix the mounting plate on the wall; align the three holes on the back of the machine with the fixing hooks on the mounting plate to hang the body; connect the relevant output signal wires and turn on the power.
Working status
Normal monitoring status: After the power is warmed up for 3 minutes, the green light is steadyly illuminated, indicating that the alarm is working normally in the monitoring state; during the warm-up process, the alarm may sound “beep...beep” and the red light flashes, and the green light disappears before the light is off. normal. On-site alarm status: When the gas content in the air around the alarm exceeds the alarm point, the alarm will emit a “beep...beep...” intermittent squeaking, and the red indicator light flashes to remind the user to do the on-site processing as soon as possible; alarm output status: live sound and light After the alarm lasts for 10 seconds, different types of alarms will output different types of alarm signals, notify the alarm system or activate the corresponding linkage.
The use of gas leak alarms greatly reduces the probability of major accidents due to gas leaks in locations where gas appliances are used.
Emergency treatment
Do not turn on the light or turn on any electrical switch when the detector is alarmed by gas leakage and use the automatic cut-off device; immediately open the window for ventilation, and wait for the red alarm indicator of the detector to go out, find the cause of the gas leak (cannot When confirming the cause, you should contact the relevant gas company for processing) and eliminate it.
Confirm that the detector does not continue to alarm (the gas does not continue to leak), press the manual switch to turn on the automatic cut-off device to recover the gas.
Do not touch the power of the household gas alarm at will to prevent the detector from working properly.
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