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Condenser online cleaning robot


Condenser online cleaning robot is an intelligent online cleaning system developed by integrated robot technology , high-pressure water jet technology and underwater sealing technology. It can realize the cleaning and intelligent operation of the condenser condenser tube, making the condenser Always maintain a high degree of cleanliness, thereby increasing the vacuum, reducing the end difference and improving the efficiency of the unit. It can replace the rubber ball cleaning and manual offline cleaning work of the condenser.

The condenser online cleaning robot mainly consists of three parts: mechanical positioning system, washing machine system and control system.

The condenser cleaning robot is divided into an articulated cleaning robot system and a Cartesian coordinate cleaning robot system from the structural type. Below we briefly introduce the product features of these two types of structure type robots.

1. NQ-I joint type condenser cleaning robot


1, high cleaning coverage

The mechanical joint is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the mechanical arm is driven by a high-precision RV reducer for motion positioning. The repeating positioning accuracy can reach ±0.5mm, and the whole cleaning without any omission or repetition is truly achieved. The actual length of the cleaning hose is controlled by the winch and the descaling rate can reach more than 90%.

2, reliable flush control

The nozzle clamp of the robot arm is integrated with the sensing device to reliably detect the position of the nozzle; the length and the tightening force of the water pipe are controlled by the winch to prevent the cleaning nozzle from coming out.

3, strong cleaning ability

The high-pressure cleaning nozzle directly enters the inside of the cooling tube for flushing, effectively improving the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tube. The high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzle forms a certain angle with the pipe wall to form a large shearing force, which can remove a variety of dirt without causing damage directly to the pipe wall.

4, strict sealing protection

The power and transmission components of the arm are all installed inside the arm. The mechanical joints of the arm are mechanically sealed to achieve IP68 protection level, and zero leakage is achieved for a long time, which greatly improves the reliability of product use.

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